[music-dsp] emulating vintage chorus?

Paul Maddox P.Maddox at signal.QinetiQ.com
Tue Nov 8 04:36:54 EST 2005


> Hm, I think we are talking about two different ways of doing things,
> I believe square modulating playback speed, would be the same as tri 
> modulating delayline index.

hmm, not sure...

> Anyways, I'll leave the chorus passion to you people. I make my own 
> anyway, and it's really not that big of a topic to discuss is it?

hehe, for some it is..
FWIW, the Chorus I added to phoenix uses one sinewave, but with two outputs, 
one 90 degrees behind the other.
have a listen ;-
(straight sound, then chorus faded in).

> Seems like anytime I say something on forums or IRC, monkeys come jumping 
> out from any corner.
> I think I'm going to leave the whole IRC/forum arena alone, and rather 
> focus on Real Life.

don't do that, its because people are passionate about stuff like this, 
nothing more.
i've trimmed down the mailing list/forums I read to about 4 now... life is 
much simpler when there is less mail to read :-)


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