[music-dsp] audio coding technologies code base

Danijel Domazet Danijel.Domazet at zg.t-com.hr
Wed Nov 23 15:31:31 EST 2005

Hi Bob,
I suspect you are talking about licensing HE AAC codec (also known as
aacPlus or SBR) from Coding Technologies?

I haven't licensed any source from CT, but I have some good experience with
their HE AAC source available as part of 3GPP (their commercial codec
shouldn't be much different). I was very satisfied with it, very
professionaly done, and, what was the most important for me, their encoder
gave excelent audio quality. I think it's by far the best HE codec developed
so far (this isn't a surprise since CT invented this technology). I don't
see why one would need any significant development.

Also, I have some info that their source is pretty cheap (cheaper than
expected), as their interest is to spread the technology and make money on
patents (Dolby-like). This is just an assumption.

Try www.hydrogenaudio.org forum for more info, many codec developers hang
out there.


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> Does anyone have any direct experience with licensing any of their
> source/binaries and know how "product ready" it actually is?
> i.e. if one licensed AC-3 for example, there still was significant
> development time, even if using the MOT56k source, same with some
> other algorithms...
> Thx.
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