[music-dsp] Re: Floating point PCI-cards (Open source!?)

Steve Conner steve at scopeboy.com
Fri Oct 28 06:30:12 EDT 2005

Hi guys,

Someone asked about the BeastRider IDE for SHARC:


I think most people are put off by the kinky-sounding
name, and the logo that appears to be a penguin mating
with a shark. Their website looks a bit unmaintained
these days. I hope Analog Devices haven't stomped them
to death.

As for the Chameleon I still can't make my mind up
whether to get one or not. It's pretty expensive for
the amount of DSP power you get. Did any users here
get the 100 euro developer discount? Do you think I
would be able to get it? I've done lots of electronic
music work, and lots of DSP and embedded programming,
but I've never done any music DSP programming. I'm
just wondering if I could convince them that I'm a
"real" developer :-/

Also, it looks like they have stopped making the
original Chameleon, are running stocks down, and will
be bringing out a Mark 2 soon. They say it will be
backwards compatible with the old skins, but DSP
technology moves so fast, I have my doubts....

Paul Maddox: I like the idea of adding extra knobs to
the Chameleon. But couldn't you just use it with a
merge unit and MIDI knob box? Like the new Novation
one that has a wee two octave keyboard, and half an
acre of knobbage including a VCS3-style joystick.
Surely that would work as well, and you wouldn't have
to take a drill to the Chameleon :-o But maybe there
are issues with MIDI choking- controller changes
getting in the way of note-on messages and making it

Steve Conner

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