[music-dsp] DSP soundcards with sample playback (old ISA stuff)

Johannes Öberg johannes.oberg at gmail.com
Sat Jan 28 21:14:47 EST 2006

Thanks guys! And it's not old compared to my AWE and GUS hacking :-)

I haven't actually gotten any TB 56k-system yet, but it currently
looks to be the most suitable card for me.

However, if I'm getting a Pinnacle, I suppose I could put the MA-1 to
good use as well. Is that part of the card also "user programmable" as
in I could use it in my DOS program without any drivers (or at least,
without drivers I can't use) ?

What other difference is there between the 56001 and 56002 TB's (apart
from the obvious) ? Is one faster than the other or something?

That C compiler, is that a compiler specifically for the 56k, or are
your compiler using inp() outp() and kbhit() ? I thought they were
part of the standard :-) Anyway, can't be that hard to roll your own.

On 1/28/06, robert bristow-johnson <rbj at audioimagination.com> wrote:
> this *is* old indeed.  anyway, long ago i put together a TB Multisound/Tahiti DSP development system and a little while later modified it to work with the Fiji.  i think it lives somewhere in the music-dsp code archive but i can send it to you and anyone else who wants it.  you will also need a C compiler and library that know about inp() and outp() and kbhit() (the rest is standard ANSI C) and the Motorola DSP56000CLASA assembler/linker/etc (i can help with that, too).
> this development system is totally incompatible with the TB drivers.  if you use it, you will have to reboot the PC to get the board to work with the TB driver.
> lemme know.
> r b-j                  rbj at audioimagination.com

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