[music-dsp] Using a Mac to control a Moog

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Thu Sep 14 11:49:02 EDT 2006

"James Chandler Jr" <jchandjr at bellsouth.net> wrote:

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> From: "Chuckk Hubbard" <badmuthahubbard at gmail.com>
> > Does anyone have any suggestions for building my own converter?
> Then there is this kit--
> http://www.paia.com/midi2cv.htm
> PAIA has been around a long time with various music-related DIY kits. I haven't 
> built any for a long time. In the past the kits I saw usually worked and were 
> great learning experiences. Not necessarily competitive in quality with the best 
> available commercial equipment, but rarely un-usable. Today, PAIA may be better, 
> worse, or about the same, dunno (GRIN).

I built a few kits from PAIA in the last five years or so (still
have a couple unfinished), and found them to be good quality with
good documentation.

If you only need one channel of CV you might be able to use PWM on
firewire, USB, or serial port.  I did this in a school project, but
I was using a 6811, so I was a lot closer to the hardware.

If you send a stream of data to the serial port at max speed (115
Kbps?), then put a low pass filter on it you can get fine-grained
control of the output voltage.  You'd need an op-amp circuit to get
your output into CV range.  Once all the circuits are built you can
tune it in software.


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