[music-dsp] Announce : sndfile-tools

Erik de Castro Lopo mdsp-erikd at mega-nerd.com
Mon Oct 15 04:40:49 EDT 2007

Hi all,

I'd like to announce a sndfile-tools:


which currently contains has three programs:

  - sndfile-generate-chirp
  - sndfile-mix-to-mono
  - sndfile-spectrogram

The code should be trivial to compile and install on Linux, possible
to compile on OSX and will probably be difficult to compile and install
on windows.

The usage outputs of these three programs are as follows:

  - sndfile-generate-chirp  [options] <sample rate> <length in seconds> <sound file>

    Options include:

        -from <start>    Sweep start frequency in Hz (default 200Hz).
        -to <end>        Sweep end frequency in Hz (default fs/2).
        -amp <value>     Amplitude of generated sine (default 1.0).
        <sweep type>     One of (default -log):
                             -log     logarithmic sweep
                             -quad    quadratic sweep
                             -linear  linear sweep

    The output file will contain floating point samples in the range [-1.0, 1.0].
    The ouput file type is determined by the file name extension which should be one
    of 'wav', 'aif', 'aiff', 'au', 'caf' and 'w64'.

  - sndfile-mix-to-mono <input file> <output file>

  - sndfile-spectrogram <sound file> <img width> <img height> <png name>

    Create a spectrogram as a PNG file from a given sound file. The
    spectrogram image will be of the given width and height.

An example of the sndfile-spectrogram output is here:


Erik de Castro Lopo
"I would rather spend 10 hours reading someone else's source
code than 10 minutes listening to Musak waiting for technical
support which isn't."
   - Dr. Greg Wettstein, Roger Maris Cancer Center

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