[music-dsp] exact phase

Sebastian Rieck sebastian.rieck at gmx.de
Fri Oct 19 05:38:36 EDT 2007

Dear DSP List,

we are currently working on a university project for drop-out  
conceilment applications for which we're trying to extract a model  
from our input stream and re-synthesizing an appropriate audio-signal  
by additive synthesis. The analytic part consists of partial-tracking  
system in the frequency domain to which we get via STFT. We're using  
signal-derivates to implement an amplitude- and frequency correction.

This works so far but our main problem is still unsolved:
How can we get the correct phase of the peak after frequency and  
amplitude correction?

We need the exact phase for the resynthesis where we generate the  
phase sample-wise and not simply overlap and adding the windows.

Would be great to hear some ideas.

thanks in advance

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