[music-dsp] Different types of distortion

paul Fultz pfultz2 at yahoo.com
Tue Sep 25 11:49:53 EDT 2007

i had some questions about the different types of
distortion that are used out there, i understand
"soft" distortion or clipping, fold-back distortion,
hard clipping, and overflow distortion, and i've read
that to stimulate like a guitar amp or speaker combo a
common method is eq->distortion->eq, but if you were
to use that method what type of distortion would you?
also, i dont really fully understand how to implement
assymetrical distortion. do i only disort the positive
values or vice versa? or do i distort only the
positive or negative values of the derivate, osea i
only distort the signal when the voltage is increasing
or decreasing? but how would i implement this? would i
implement this
leakyintergator->distortion->differntiator? and would
the distortion just be soft distortion, just applied
to the positive or negative values? also how do i
create distortion that generates only even-order
harmonics? and what is the difference between bipolar
distortion and FET type distortion? i guess this is a
lot of questions, but im new to DSP, i have a more
computer programming background, but thanks for all
the help,

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