[music-dsp] AMDF shortcuts for SOLA time stretching?

Didier Dambrin didid at skynet.be
Tue Apr 22 05:52:52 EDT 2008

but it's exactly because most users want very low latencies these days, that 
you -have- to spread the CPU better. Otherwise you have a high risk of 
A plugin that eats 80% CPU once every 20 bufferswitches, is almost the same 
as  a plugin that eats 80% CPU all the time.

This, and the lack of any possible smooth automation (because chunk-based) 
is the reason I don't consider using that kind of stretching realtime.

> Having made several pvoc-based plugins over the years, I have to confess 
> that the CPU spikes have never proved especially troublesome; indeed most 
> DAWs don't even show them (a slight wobble of a few percentage points 
> perhaps). Most users desperately want as low a latency as possible (may 
> not be so relevant for time-stretching, depending on the final focus of 
> the application), so would prefer the odd spike over increased delay.

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