[music-dsp] OT - Career, DSP online "tests"

Bob Grove music-dsp at musemagic.com
Sat Apr 26 18:21:19 EDT 2008

I had a fairly shocking (at least to me) experience talking to a potential
client about some fairly in depth algorithm work and about 5 days later
a HR person got on the phone saying I had to take tests from brainbench.com.

I was kind of shocked because the topics discussed of project work were
advanced speech processing algorithms, in addition the company founders know
many people who have worked with me in the past.  It's obvious that it would
be difficult for me not to know the Nyquist-Shannon Sampling theorem or a
Kaiser window to even have the conversations that already took place.    

I thought I would ask this list if anyone else has had this sort of

I looked over the site and it talks about "employee pre-screening" functions
and has things like "personality tests" and "communication skills" tests...

in some sort of online database where I really had a question on privacy as
well as shared data between "employers" as well as the validity of such a 40
question multiple choice type exams.

I didn't take it, I wasn't going to whip out $50 bucks plus put potentially
my entire career being evaluated by some automated "system" whose internals,
metrics and privacy concerns are unknown to me.

Anyone have any thoughts, experience on this?  Beyond the old fashioned
certification called college degrees, products, sample code, technical
interviews, I'm wondering if there is some sort of alternative to deal with
this sort of "HR" thing.  


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