[music-dsp] musical features for low frequency content

Frederik Hjorth-Jensen frederik at hjorth-jensen.dk
Mon Jan 14 17:12:47 EST 2008

thnx for the recommendation. Turned out to be a good idea :-)


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> Hi Frederik,
> On Jan 11, 2008 2:11 AM, Frederik Hjorth-Jensen
> <frederik at hjorth-jensen.dk> wrote:
>> Currently I'm using MFCC, crest factor, spectral centroid and a cepstral
>> coefficients based on a constant Q filterbank.
>> It seem to work ok but I have some trouble with bassy instruments. So I
>> would like to add another feature to try and acount for that.
> I'd recommend trying the music-ir mailing list, where questions like
> this are more common :)
> jmmcd
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