[music-dsp] Article: antialiased sine waveform syncing

Vadim Zavalishin vadim.zavalishin at native-instruments.de
Tue Jun 9 06:55:30 EDT 2009

> yes, i gathered that too.  and since the BLIT is BL, any LTI  operation 
> you do to it will result in an output that is likewize BL.

What's difficult for me to intuitively understand there, is that convolution 
with BLIT in the discrete-time domain doesn't guarantee the "correct 
bandlimitness". In fact one can consider any discrete-time signal as 
"technically bandlimited", since after going through the DAC the sound will 
be definitely bandlimited. What is important is whether the "technically 
bandlimited" signal is identical to what we expect. E.g. an aliasing 
sawtooth sound at the speaker output is still bandlimited, however it is 
bandlimited in an undesired way, that's why we complain.

In this respect I personally fail to see how "correctly" the signals 
produced by BLOO will be bandlimited, as it seems to me that the method 
should introduce certain artifacts. Ideally I'd like to see a comparison of 
an ideal continuous-time spectrum against a spectrum restored from the 
discrete time signal.


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