[music-dsp] Blurps and Chirps when changing filter parameters

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Wed May 6 20:23:54 EDT 2009

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> Is there any literature on the effects of this audio-rate change of 
> coefficients? Just a few
> weeks ago, we were doing some work on phase distortion effects of 
> time-varying IIRs
> and I was wondering about background on this, so I'd be interested to hear 
> more about
> it.
> Victor
> ====================================================
>   if you are recomputing each coefficient from the swept parameters 
> *every*sample*, then that's a different story.  all the sections are tracking 
> each other, but just from the dynamic excitation you get from having non-zero 
> states and rapidly changing coefficients you can get some nasty psuedo-signal 
> generated inside.
> ===================================================

i'm sure there is something about this in some IEEE or Bell Labs paper, but the only paper i remember seeing is from Jean Laroche: http://www.aes.org/e-lib/browse.cfm?elib=14168

i don't think i have that on pdf, but maybe i can get if for free (since i was an AES member in 2007).


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