[music-dsp] Fixed-point effects lib? Linux friendly floating-point DSP?

Bogac Topaktas bogac at bteaudio.com
Thu Oct 8 16:21:18 EDT 2009

If your budget allows, use floating-point DSP (for instance Sharc), the
development effort would be much less..and you would not re-invent
the wheel for elementary effects:


If your budget requires a fixed-point DSP, you may check out Chameleon 
Developer Resource 
pages for tutorials and example source code (for Motorola/Freescale 
DSP56xxx platform):


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floating-point DSP?
> Hi I'm investigating the Blackfin as a platform for a music DSP
> toolkit, unfortunately all the examples for simple effects like
> choruses & flangers I can find utilize floating-point
> arithmetic--which cripples their performance on the Blackfin because
> it has no FPU.
> Does anyone know of any open source DSP effects packages that use
> fixed-point arithmetic? Could save me a bunch of time rewriting these
> effects myself... or should I just use a floating-point DSP? I'm
> looking for something that is supported well by open source tools
> (gcc, u-boot, Linux, etc) and that is low-cost enough for a high
> volume consumer product... The Blackfin meets these requirements
> except the lack of floating-point is turning out to be a hassle. Any
> suggestions?
> Thanks.
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