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contact contact at quikquak.com
Sat Oct 31 12:50:16 EDT 2009

> Ah, is that what comp.dsp is like then!
> On 31 Oct 2009, at 16:04, robert bristow-johnson wrote:
>> On Oct 31, 2009, at 10:34 AM, contact wrote:
>>> Personally I can't read it, and its black-box approach to functions
>>> like
>>> Chebyshev filters for example, means that I learn nothing about the
>>> processes.
>> so what do you wanna learn about Tchebyshev filters?  if you said
>> Elliptical filters, i would say "tough luck, get a damn textbook that
>> tells you something about the Jacobi elliptical function and then get
>> that book "Digital Filters" (can't remember the author) who has a big
>> messy appendix doing the math details).
>> the first issue is to learn how Tchebyshev functions (which turn out
>> to be polynomials) work.  then how to make them do something for you
>> with a rational function of s (the Type 1 and Type 2 Tchebyshev
>> filters).  then how to get the poles and zeros (from which analog
>> coefficients are derived).  then convert to digital with bilinear
>> transform.  like the Butterworth (which is really a special case of
>> either the Type 1 or 2 Tchebyshev), the math is straightforward.

It was just an example of the way scripts often read like in Matlab -
"....[b,a] =cheby2(N,As,wn,'bandpass');....."

I was trying to suggest to the OP that sharing Matlab code might not be as 
useful as those in a computer language like C - which 'musicdsp.org' 
demonstrates quite well.
I wasn't disputing the need for education.

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