[music-dsp] platform choice

Thomas Strathmann thomas at pdp7.org
Sat Oct 31 13:44:49 EDT 2009

Victor Lazzarini wrote:
> That has been my opinion for years re the matlab language. I'm so glad  
> to hear that I'm not alone or such a freak after all.

That makes two of us. I have used Matlab (either with or without 
Simulink/Stateflow) for uni stuff and I never once got the feeling that 
I am dealing with a programming language. It was more the experience of 
learning how to do X in a foreign interactive shell of an ancient 
operating system (and that's just because of the help function which in 
a positive way reminds me of the good features of DCL). The thing that 
bothers me about my feelings towards Matlab is that I cannot point out 
the specific issues that cause me to dislike Matlab as a language. 
Perhaps people on this list have thought longer and harder about this 
problem and are willing to share their insights.


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