[music-dsp] How to reduce delay time change clicks?

Victor Lazzarini Victor.Lazzarini at nuim.ie
Mon Aug 23 17:47:32 EDT 2010

For variable delays, you really need to interpolate, at least using  
simple linear (1st order) interpolation, or possibly higher order. In  
my experience, cubic interpolation is a good compromise between  
quality & computation cost.


On 23 Aug 2010, at 22:35, cparodi.ugemi at libero.it wrote:

> Hi All,
> I'm so proud of my reverse delay (built thanks to you guys!) that  
> now I'd like
> to get rid of those annoying clicks when changing the delay time "on  
> the fly"
> (especially when increasing it). Not specifically for the reverse  
> mode, but in
> general. I had a look at one YouTube video showing the Eventide Time  
> Factor
> stomp box delay and that's pretty smooth.
> Any idea how to obtain something similar that without too much  
> impact on
> performance?
> Thanks in advance for any ideas...
> Regards,
> Carl
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