[music-dsp] Wavelet algorithm for Time-Frequency Analysis

Bogac Topaktas bogac at bteaudio.com
Mon Dec 27 14:53:30 EST 2010

>>    Hi!
>> I'd like to compute the continuous wavelet transform (CWT) of my input
>> signal
>> (audio file) with the morlet wavelet, to get a time frequency plane
>> which
>> corresponds to the time frequency content of the audio signal.

BTW, why did you choose wavelet transform?

Did you consider Gabor transform or Wigner Distribution analysis
or their combination? See:

"Wigner Distribution Representation and Analysis of Audio Signals: An
Illustrated Tutorial Review"
Preis and Georgopoulos
JAES Volume 47 Issue 12 pp. 1043-1053; December 1999


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