[music-dsp] Can someone help me a little regarding AXON hexaphonic pickups?

Bogac Topaktas bogac at bteaudio.com
Thu Jun 24 18:02:18 EDT 2010

Hi Robert,

> does anyone know what the output level and output impedance really is
> for these guitar-to-MIDI pickups?  is it as high as 100 mV or much
> less (the windings on the bobbin have to be a lot fewer than an
> regular pickup, i would think)?

Yes, you are right, since the main aim is to minimize inter-string
crosstalk the windings are a lot fewer than a regular pickup. Output level
of individual strings are generally very low and they (even combined
together) sound weak on regular guitar amps when sent direct without

I once built a six channel FET preamplifier for a local guitar player, to
be used together with his hex pickup (his aim was to minimize
inter-modulation distortion by separate non-linear processing of each


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