[music-dsp] Is beating the same thing as flanging?

Victor Lazzarini Victor.Lazzarini at nuim.ie
Sun Nov 14 14:20:47 EST 2010

Well, I'm keeping my discussion to digital audio, which is what I do.  
But if you make the analogue phaser into a digital one using say a
bilinear transform (or whatever other method), delays will appear.  
This, to me, indicates that somehow the filter is in effect delaying the
signal in its analogue form (which of course it is in the digital  
version). However this is as far as I'd like to go regarding analogue  
of which I am no expert.


On 14 Nov 2010, at 19:08, Peter Schoffhauzer wrote:

> Victor Lazzarini wrote:
>> I am pointing out, as I do to my students, that delays are involved  
>> in all of these processes. In a way, digital non-linear phase low- 
>> pass filter
>> is a delay effect too, as it uses at least a 1-sample delay.
> Does that make an analog phaser that uses analog delayless allpass  
> filters a 'delay-based effect'? It has no sample delays, since  
> that's only in the digital domain. There's no component anywhere  
> that delays the entire signal by a certain amount.
> For this reason, I don't consider it a 'delay-based effect'. And I'm  
> quitting this discussion, people can call that anything, I call it a  
> 'filter'. My definition of a 'delay' is different.
> Peter
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