[music-dsp] Is beating the same thing as flanging?

Richard Dobson richarddobson at blueyonder.co.uk
Thu Nov 18 03:58:33 EST 2010

On 17/11/2010 20:06, Peter Schoffhauzer wrote:
> My whole point in this discussion was only to show that a phaser works
> by a somewhat different principle compared to a flanger.

OK. let me ask what may be the same question in a different way. It 
seems to be agreed that a flanger is characterised by lots of 
peaks/notches distributed over the range. That is of course a 
consequence of long delay times (reinforced by feedback etc etc etc). 
So what do we call it if the delay is short (say, under a millisecond?). 
It fails that definition of a flanger, in having but a small number of 
notches, and if we are not to call it a type of phaser (despite some IMO 
obvious similarities), what do we call it? A semi-flanger?

In short  - are we required to characterise these things by what they 
sound like, in general terms, or by implementation method? And what then 
do we call those few (so-called) flangers that were implemented using (a 
lot of) allpass filters?

Richard Dobson

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