[music-dsp] who else needs a fractional delay.

Didier Dambrin didid at skynet.be
Fri Nov 19 22:53:18 EST 2010

Talking about tempo-synced delays following tempo changes, something that 
the end user often expects & thinks to be easy, I wonder if the best method 
(afterall it would make no sense for an echo to timestretch) isn't to manage 
a pool of delays, creating a new delay line once the tempo changes, 
destroying it once its feedback has faded out. Anyone managed to build 
something like this?

> On 2010-11-20, Ross Bencina wrote:
>> Another requirement of precision delay might be tempo-synced delays or
>> using a delay line with unity feedback to create a loop with exact
>> duration -- I gave that to my users at one stage.
> This is even more basic, but did you ever make them compete with each
> other about the best way to *shift* a static delay from one value to
> another? That's a very simple problem DSP-wise, of course, often used,
> not at all something our ears are equipped to handle, yet necessary in
> practical work, and something that is *very* difficult indeed to
> implement seamlessly. ;)
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