[music-dsp] fx architecture: Interleaved or flat samples..

Sebastien Metrot meeloo at meeloo.net
Wed Oct 20 04:17:12 EDT 2010

Beware, this can be a lot of work as soon as you have to optimize for mono, stereo, quad, 5.1, 7.1, etc.


On Oct 20, 2010, at 8:23 AM, Didier Dambrin wrote:

> I'd agree, I stopped thinking that having grown a DSP library working on interleaved data was a bad idea (having to code things twice, poor expandability) when SSE came in. Big benefits for filtering, resampling, etc.
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>> I agree with what James said. One thing to add is that if you do use stereo
>> interleaved it may give you opportunities for SSE based processing
>> optimisations that aren't so easy on split buffers (but I'm no expert on
>> this so perhaps someone else can explain whether this is exactly true)
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