[music-dsp] C++ performance

Theo Verelst theover at tiscali.nl
Thu Oct 28 19:51:01 EDT 2010

I can't help thinking that it might be more advantageous to organize C
code properly, possibly even using case tools, and to use good ol' Unix
programming to get out of the not-so-terribly-powerful additions which C
++ gives, with no good basis for parallel programming. Luckily C++ can
be mixed with C usually easily (I think the famous enough Gnu compiler
chain can link the both together, too), I'd think the old rule of the
thumb was that C gets about 70% of the speed of assembly, and I see no
reason to believe that's better for C++ or the (older) Objective C,
maybe there are object hierarchies "libraries"/"classes" which
instantiate handily into single-processor SSE2 optimized code fragments,
which is fine, but less insightful.

I'm glad C is still a major language and that for instance Risc 1000 and
(Nvidia) Cuda processors and of course most big DSPs can be programmed
in it. I don't think I really miss an OO language much for that (Which I
professionally used at university for hierarchical graphics, which was

I've found myself searching for cheap Fermi cards to do some heavy sound
processing in double precision, anyone working on that ?

 Theo Verelst

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