[music-dsp] Purity of harmonics in musical chords

Theo Verelst theover at tiscali.nl
Sat Sep 25 21:48:09 EDT 2010

For those people who´d want to play with my example and daring enough to 
  get the right OS and required software runnung (not overly advanced to 
install, but not average: Linux with gcc and Fortran, Maxima (the right 
version, see my tcl wiki pages), and my Bwise ( http://wiki.tcl.tk/21897 
) based on and requiring tcl/tk), here are the actual design files I 
just compressed from the working directory:


I´m sure average computer users won´t find this trivial to run, though 
it isn´t all too intricate, let me know if people would like a detailed 
install + startup description.


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