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Midas seeks to double R&D team

Just six months after the acquisition of Midas Klark Teknik by the Music 
Group we are now starting to set up a "UK Centre of Excellence" for 
developing cutting edge digital audio technology. This move follows a 
declaration by Music Group at the time of purchase to invest substantially 
in Midas product development.

This investment will begin with Midas seeking to double the size of its 
current team of engineers. Twenty positions for design and validation 
engineers are being created in Kidderminster and Manchester.

"I am incredibly excited about the way that we can now develop the company, 
thanks to the Music Group," says John Oakley, managing director of Midas 
Klark Teknik. "We have already released a host of new products this year and 
the pace is about to increase. I want to hear from any R&D staff who would 
like to join us on our journey, particularly if they have experience of 
digital audio mixer design. We have vacancies for all types of skill and all 
levels of experience."

Working as part of a small team on state-of-the-art professional digital 
audio systems for the live performance arena, there are roles available at 
all levels, from recent graduate to team leader. Recent graduates will have 
had limited experience but may have had some exposure to music and gigs - 
setting up university shows, perhaps mixing smaller performances for 
friends. More experienced engineers will have had several years experience 
in a relevant audio-related field, and will have had direct programming or 
digital hardware design experience of the above. Team Leaders would be 
expected to have had the above plus several years experience of managing a 
small team through the full project lifecycle.

In all cases, prospective candidates should be self motivated and capable of 
working independently to specify, document, design, develop and test entire 
software or hardware subsystems. Candidates for the more senior positions 
will be expected to interface to both customers and the sales and marketing 
staff to capture requirements. You will also get to play with some very 
expensive audio gear and make a lot of noise!

Prospective candidates must have skills in some of the following areas:

Embedded systems development
Real-Time software development
UML, Object-Oriented design
High speed digital logic design
FPGA design
Linux or Embedded Linux
WinCE, particularly WinCE BSP development and WinCE drivers
Low-level Ethernet programming - TCP/IP, UDP, Multicast, IGMP, VoIP, 
Ethernet switch control
Low-level hardware programming - control and interface to FPGAs, CPLDs etc
Linux Kernel drivers
PCM digital audio using SHARC-based DSP
GUI and graphical design
OpenGL, DirectFB or DirectX7
USB or graphics drivers
Agile methodologies
Finally, you must have a keen interest in or knowledge of professional audio 
software and live music.

Midas Klark Teknik Ltd is a flexible, open company where hard work will be 
well rewarded; if you have the desire and talent, we will do our utmost to 
progress your career. We are now part of the Music Group which is a large 
global and market leading company focused completely on audio technology and 
products. Music Group already employs over 250 R&D staff with design centres 
around the world. Naturally some travel to our other design centres may be 
required and opportunities for career progression to these other sites exist 
and are encouraged.

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