[music-dsp] FM Synthesis

Risto Holopainen risto.holopainen at imv.uio.no
Mon Sep 12 11:55:49 EDT 2011

So, what you have mistakenly implemented is probably feedback FM with pure
delay, or something like

x[n] = sin(phi + bx[n-D])
phi += w,

where D is your buffer size. Although it usually doesn't sound very good,
I nevertheless find it interesting by being a discrete time version of a
delay differential equation.
But I don't see why FM should be very expensive even if you put everything
in a single loop, unless you plan to use dozens of oscillators.


> This can make FM synthesis quite cpu expensive however. Everything must be
> included into a big for-loop.
> Thanks.
> --
> aM

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