[music-dsp] stereo-wide pan law?

Ralph Glasgal glasgal at ambiophonics.org
Tue Feb 7 15:59:46 EST 2012

Ambiophonics (actually Panambiophonics) requires four speakers to reproduce
a full 360 degrees of direct sound localization in the horizontal plane.  It
deliberately does not employ HRTFs.  The basic program is RACE which stands
for Recursive Ambiophonic Crosstalk Elimination.  It is a shame that it is
not a contraption within AudioMulch which would make it so easy to use in a
4.0 (DTS, etc.) surround application instead of having to use VST plugins in
DAWs or Transcoders working under Java.  The four speakers needed are quite
easy to place.  Just two in front spaced about 20 degrees (either side of a
TV screen) and two behind the same and two independent copies of RACE
running.  You never need a front center speaker or a rear center either.
(RACE is in the public domain.)  For the record, Ambisonics and Wavefield
Synthesis are the other Loudspeaker Binaural technologies that are HRTF
free, but only Ambiophonics (including the Princeton version) is compatible
with all existing 2.0, 5.1, 7.1, etc. media and formats.

Ralph Glasgal

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Otherwise, you are looking at hrtf plus crosstalk cancellation  (some 
techniques such as ambiophonics claim to be able to create the sense of 
full surround using just the two speakers), or at some other more or 
less sophisticated psycho-acoustic illusion,  which as per usual will 
likely not work for everyone.

Richard Dobson

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