[Portaudio] Re: Non interleaved buffers (2)

Dominic Mazzoni dominic@minorninth.com
Tue, 16 Oct 2001 09:23:36 -0700

> Perhaps a better solution is to pass a pointer to a buffer of zeros for
> input instead of passing a NULL. That could prevent a PA app from crashing
> on some implementations if it wasn't expecting a NULL. An easy mistake.

Please don't do this!  That would be horrible for non-real-time
I don't think that PortAudio should ever be passing back samples that

> In that situation, you could alway open two streams: one for input only with
> no output channels, and one for output only.

This would be fine for what I want to do, I guess.  I still don't like
the idea
of passing back zeros.  If they came in the middle of a recording they
almost completely ruin the recording.

- Dominic