[Portaudio] Compiling on windows with msvc 5.0

Alan Wolfe alan.wolfe at gmail.com
Sun Aug 10 17:52:55 EDT 2008


I'm sure the list is tired of hearing this question, but i am having a heck
of a time compiling portaudio on windows.

I believe i have all the sdk's mentioned in the readme, i opened the .sln
and when i tried to compile it complained about 'mmdeviceapi.h'.  I noticed
in list posts people said you only need that .h file if you want to include
pa_wasapi.cpp.  not sure where the header comes from or what that .cpp file
does but figured id remove it (the closest match i could find was
pa_win_wasapi.cpp) and try again.  Before i gave up on it i read something
about installing vista service pack 1 on XP to get the header file needed -
umm... what? hehe :P

next up it was complaining about asiosys.h which is probably part of the
asio sdk right?  i tried to find where to find that but didn't have much

i've been trying to make this work all morning/afternoon with no luck.
What's with that? :P

Is there a reason the site doesnt have binaries posted?  If not that might
really save a lot of headaches!!

Also it seems like all the messages i find are from 2006 and earlier, does
anyone use portaudio on windows anymore?

Thanks :/

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