[Portaudio] Windows MME (Mobile compile fix + x64 type fix)

Ross Bencina rossb-lists at audiomulch.com
Tue Dec 8 04:31:16 EST 2009

Thanks Dmitry

I'm sorry it took so long to check in. Things are a bit chaotic around here right now.

Was that the only patch I need to commit from you, at the moment or were there others? I seem to have lost track.



  From: Dmitry Kostjuchenko 
  To: portaudio at music.columbia.edu 
  Sent: Tuesday, December 08, 2009 2:23 AM
  Subject: [Portaudio] Windows MME (Mobile compile fix + x64 type fix)

  Hello Guys :) Especialy Ross, who was promissing to do something with my Windows patches ;)

  I would like to provide small patch for Windows MME API:
  - fixes compile for Windows Mobile platform (was compiled and tested under WM 6.0 SDK)
  - fixes device names filling in case Unicode is enabled (Windows Mobile as we all know uses only Unicode API)
  - fixes old issue (actually a repeated patch) with x64 platform problems were 64-bit pointers get casted to 32-bit integral type due to wrong DWORD_PTR define

  For Windows Mobile this patch is proved to be working absolutely normal. Yes, memory barrier intrinsics is absent for MSVC Windows Mobile platform, so I just put empty defines for it yet, although it does not yet affect stability at least in my project.

  Please if possible do not ignore the patch as it fixes whole platform and for me it becomes more difficult to track the difference between original SVN :) Patch is done agains 1428 revision.

  I have WASAPI a little more advanced but not providing it yet

  Best regards,


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