[Portaudio] Linux bug

Bob McGwier rwmcgwier at gmail.com
Wed Dec 9 19:19:27 EST 2009

The changes committed by Ross in dealing with ASIO and the Mac/OS X in 
svn revision 1431 are at fault and Makefile.in.  Changing to revision 
1430 fixes the problem.  I would not dream of trying to work on what 
would be acceptable to OS/X development and fix this problem but that is 
where it lies.


Bob McGwier wrote:
> A bug in the configure script has been introduced.
> The configure completes but make fails with
> "
> /bin/sh: WITH_ASIO_FALSE@: not found
> make: *** [lib/libportaudio.la] Error 127
> "
> This is immediately following gcc operating on 
> src/os/unix/pa_unix_util.c to produce the object.
> If this triggers a quick suggestion or easy fix, great.  I will not have 
> time to look at this in detail until later.
> Bob

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