[Portaudio] PortMixer Question

Chris Share cpsmusic at yahoo.com
Wed Jul 7 21:32:46 EDT 2010


I'm currently helping with the development of the Pencil animation program, in 
particular, I'm working on improving its audio capabilities.

I've managed to implement a PortAudio-driver for the animation playback which is 
a substantial improvement over the unsynchronised method that was used before.

I'd now like to add some basic audio mixer functionality to the program. For a 
start, what I'd like to implement is separate audio tracks with mute/solo and 
level/pan controls, and maybe a master output (i.e. a very basic mixing desk).

I've heard mention of PortMixer - what is it exactly? Could it be used as a 
starting point for what I want to do?

I've been doing some digging and it seems that PortMixer has been integrated 
into Audacity but it requires a patched version of PortAudio - why is the patch 




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