[Portaudio] WASAPI exclusive mode- specify latency crashes

Reid Bishop rbish at attglobal.net
Fri Jul 9 02:07:02 EDT 2010



framesPerBuffer:  1024 (Yes, that's right- this is because of the nature of
the application)

suggestedLatency- .005  (I tested all the way up to .085, and no
improvement.  Both input and output.

sample bits-  PaFloat32


Now, one thing you might want to take note of.  Notice below that I did a
Pa_GetStreamInfo after opening my stream:

            SampleRate: 96000, InputLatency: 0.0213333331048489,
OutputLatency: 1024.02136230469


Note the OutputLatency above?  It appears to be the actual latency ADDED to
my framesPerBuffer.  Maybe that's what is wrong?  I don't see this issue
when using MME or DirectSound.  The above anomaly appears whether using
Exclusive or Shared mode.




CNNSDR Development


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