[Portaudio] hot plug

Bjorn Roche bjorn at xowave.com
Fri Jul 9 10:44:33 EDT 2010

Hey David,

Can you resend that patch for hot plugging as an attachment? When you  
send it inline it got corrupt and the patch wasn't accepted.  
Alternatively, Phil, perhaps it is more appropriate for David to have  
an SVN account? I created a branch here for it:
svn co https://www.portaudio.com/repos/portaudio/
and work in branches/hotplug
Note my comments to the list:
I created a branch for this. Not only is this too immature for  
upcoming release, but it also deserves some more thought in terms of  
implementation. This is really something that aught to be a part of  
the core functionality of PortAudio, not a series of different  
platform specific lines of code. This is 2010: Every platform supports  
hot swapping, and users shouldn't have to learn a different API for  
each platform because that goes against the port in portaudio.
Bjorn Roche
XO Wave
Digital Audio Production and Post-Production Software

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