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I don't use Visual Studio, I use Visual C++ 2008 Express. Wonder if that makes a difference.



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I guess that is the rub… when usingVisual Studio 2008, if the user downloads the Vista SDK or Windows 7 SDK (note,NOT the DirectSound SDK, as there is no such SDK that I am aware of), thenVisual Studio is automatically made “aware” of the SDK and allinclude and library paths are automatically provisioned within Visual Studio. There is no configuration change that needs to be made by the user- VisualStudio takes care of it.  To be honest, I can’t even find wherethese includes and libraries are configured for Visual Studio- it’s notreadily apparent.
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"If you installed the DirectSoundSDK then the DS libraries and header files should be found automatically byVisual Studio. But if you get an error about a missing dsound.h header filethen you can declare the paths by hand by ..." 


Phil or anyone -

We need to fill in the blank here. How exactly does one declare these paths?



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