[Portaudio] WASAPI exclusive mode- specify latency crashes

Dmitry Kostjuchenko dmitrykos at iauxsoft.com
Sat Jul 10 04:11:26 EDT 2010

Hello Reid,

Thanks for testing! No problem, I will try further then :) Anyway I started understanding the situation. I just modified patest_wire to test 1024/2048 framesPerBuffer and got damaged audio, I suspect similar to what you are getting. I completely forgot to test these values and was using 64/128 frames (small values are ok).

Because I can now reproduce bad sound with 1024/2048 I will come up with fixes later today. Seems that something is timing out in i/o loop.

Best regards,

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  I tried your changes to WASAPI tonight.  I sure hate to be the bearer of bad news.


  Using Shared Mode, I've now got stutter, pops, clicks- no matter what latency I specify, and no matter what Sample Rate I choose.  I have tried 1024 and 2048 framesPerBuffer, and it gets worse as I go higher.  The nature of my application prevents me from going below 1024 framesPerBuffer for the time being.


  Using Exclusive Mode, the same thing- but in addition it still has the motorboat, drone effect (kind of like a very high speed echo).


  I don't know what to say, other than I may try to dive into your code and see what could be going on.  This is a C# application, so doing any kind of debugging is virtually impossible.  For now, I'm going to hit the hay and take a look in the morning.




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