[Portaudio] Two General Questions

Chris Share cpsmusic at yahoo.com
Mon Jul 12 09:33:49 EDT 2010

Apologies for the thread hijack - I wasn't aware that was happening.

I still don't get why it's recommended to not "make install" though. The 
instructions on the Trac page seem pretty insistent: 

"You do not need to do "make 
install", and we don't recommend it".



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On Jul 11, 2010, at 10:18 PM, Chris Share wrote:

>I've been following the recent debate about compilation.
>I have two questions that are related to this issue:
>1. On the Mac (at least), why is the library installed to lib/.libs? I don't 
>understand why it couldn't be installed to a "standard" location such as 
>/usr/local/lib and the headers to /usr/local/include, etc. Actually, this 
>doesn't affect me as I tend to use pkg-config but I'm just wondering why this 
>directory was chosen.

when you "./configure && make"  it doesn't install, nor should it. as to why it 
goes in a hidden location, I too think that's stupid, but apparently this is 
"standard" or something. You will have to look that up in an autoconf 
docs/discussion group or in the archives when we discussed it here.

If you want it installed in /usr/local/lib (I think that's where it goes) just 
run "make install", which is quite standard. Many folks just use the .a file out 

of lib/.lib in their projects, which is what the tutorial recommends.

2. Why not have a binary install available (for Windows and Mac at least)? Then 
beginners wouldn't have to worry about building PortAudio - they could just get 
on with programming their app. Is this due to restrictions originating from the 
use of third-party SDKs like ASIO and DX?

That's one thing such as a release like we are talking about now, but not 
necessarily for nightly builds or even snapshots.

That said, the mac binary doesn't change too often and I certainly don't mind 
maintaining it if others agree this is something worth doing.


PS. I often don't read emails on this list that don't pertain to mac OS X or 
general things. Since you hijacked a thread, I might not have read, you were 
lucky to have gotten a response. Please don't hijack a thread if you expect 
people to read your posts: 

Bjorn Roche
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