[Portaudio] Latest CoreAudio Blocking interface errors

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Hi Tim

Can you please confirm which version was working for you?



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Trying the snapshot from 3/3 under OS X 10.6.6, code that previously worked 
fine now seems always to return an input overflow error from the blocking 
I/O although a nearly identical implementation using nonblocking I/O runs 
fine. Attached is a trivial example that generates the error on my system.

As background, we are looking into using portmixer as well, so this is a 
stripped down version of code that was originally designed to adjust the 
volume every 100 msec with calls to portmixer. This was working well with a 
previous patched version of portaudio. After patching the latest portaudio 
for portmixer we got the blocking I/O errors so I removed all the portmixer 
calls, compiled a clean version of portaudio and the blocking I/O errors 

After spending some time looking, I cannot figure out where/why the overflow 
status flag is getting set and I'm not sure the return status (-9981) is 
really what was intended for Pa_ReadStream.

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