[Portaudio] paWASAPI, paDirectSound and paMME

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To further complicate matters, because of this shared/exclusive mode 
malady, now the sample rate must match the Windows Control Panel 
settings in exclusive mode as well.

Device driver?

Windows 7?



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Here is what more testing reveals: Dmitry's original statement was
correct. In shared mode, only the sample rate must match the shared
mode setting in Windows Control Panel. The bit depth and number of
channels need not match.

For this post I tried changing the shared mode settings in Windows
Control Panel. Attempting to do so caused the Windows 7 Control Panel
application to crash, forcing a restart. No combination of restarting
the computer and power cycling the (USB) device remedied this. Is this
a Windows 7 problem? Is it a problem with the device driver? Is it a
problem with PortAudio not releasing a device after it has been opened
in exclusive mode? This gets back to the mysterious ticket #147 which
is closed for now. There is definitely some funny business going on
with WASAPI's exclusive/shared modes but it is unclear exactly what the
source of the problem is.
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