[Portaudio] libaudiodecoder - The Cross-Platform Audio Decoder API

Phil Burk philburk at mobileer.com
Sun Apr 15 22:29:09 EDT 2012

On 4/15/12 6:51 PM, Ross Bencina wrote:
> Can you support your assumption that using native platform-supplied
> codecs completely covers any patent licence requirements for
> applications using your lib (or the native platform libs)? I never saw
> proof of this myself but maybe it is documented somewhere?

IANAL but...

I once had a correspondence with a representative from 
Fraunhofer/Thompson regarding MP3 encoder licenses. He said that if I 
was able to call out to a built-in library in Windows for my MP3 
encoding/decoding then I would not have to worry about patent licenses. 
But if I wanted to bundle an MP3 codec in my Java Applet that ran on any 
platform then it would be an issue.

The assumption is that Windows has paid the huge fees required by 
Fraunhofer for the use of MP3 on Windows.


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