[Portaudio] Portaudio "queries" on ARM

Alan Horstmann gineera at aspect135.co.uk
Sat Mar 31 12:12:22 EDT 2012

Hi Ajay,

On Saturday 31 March 2012 15:18, you wrote:
> I was just following your procedure; checking out portaudio.
> My ultimate aim is still to get the "Import Audio" feature working in
> audacity.
> "aplay mp3>" works.

Unless you *really* need it, don't use/build/worry about Jack.  Portaudio will 
use Alsa directly.  Leave them off your cc list too!

Most of the Portaudio messages are harmless warnings, including

"jack server is not running or cannot be started"

However, when pa_devs reports

"Number of devices = 0"

It is explaining it has found no Alsa devices at all.  It is not going to work 
then.  Hence paex_sine says

"Error: No default output device."

Compile Portaudio without Jack support, then there will only be one set of 
warnings to analyse!

> > Just a quick comment - what are you trying to get going?  Jack is not
> > needed to use Portaudio (and in fact Portaudio-jack is believed rather
> > buggy ATM). If you don't need Jack, leave it out - either compile without
> > jack support or ignore the message when Portaudio initializes saying that
> > jack is not running.  It is just probing for the api.


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