[RTcmix-discuss] RTcmix 4.0 progress

David Topper topper at virginia.edu
Mon Feb 21 11:18:29 EST 2005

Hey John,

As my brain spools up to speed on all this, can you remind me why this 
wouldn't work:

    handle = makefoo(...)

where makefoo() returns some unique tagged key value.  Then in:


we have some code which knows how to recognize "handle" and do the right 
thing wrt. the new functions.  This would make at least some of the new 
features language independent.

Granted, this wouldn't get us:

    INST(...,handle + bar,...)

but it would get the Perl stuff at least 50% towards where it needs to be.


PS.  Shouldn't we be moving some of this discussion to the devel list?

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