[RTcmix-discuss] Where did imbRTcmix.o go in 4.0?

Douglas Scott netdscott at netscape.net
Wed Feb 23 13:50:56 EST 2005

Wait wait -- pRTcmix.cpp is part of the source now, as always, and is the RTcmix 
subclass for Perl!  If PERL_SUPPORT is true, TARGETS includes pRTcmix.o.  I am 
having a hard time understanding the problem -- the code works as it always did 
for Perl.


johgibso at indiana.edu wrote:

> On Feb 23, 2005, at 1:24 PM, Douglas Scott wrote:
>> What did that code look like?  I did not delete a single line of 
>> functional
>> code when I reorganized the object file creation.
> It's pRTcmix.[Ch] in RTcmix-3.8.  It's a subclass of the RTcmix
> object that adds methods to parse Perl buffers.  I don't think
> there's any code like this in the current RTcmix.  (Nor should
> there be if it's Perl-specific.)  I might want to add a similar
> subclass that works with Python.
> For your convenience, I'm attaching those two files here.
> JG
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