[RTcmix-discuss] Audio buffer problems

David Topper topper at virginia.edu
Thu Feb 24 17:10:19 EST 2005

If you go to the OSS website, there's a button that says, "API Specs."  
Here's the link:



Douglas Scott wrote:

> "Latest" specs???  Point me to those if you can.  Any audio system 
> that uses select() (which was discussed in the older specs) is 
> behaving as a pull system.  This is true for ANY low-level device 
> opened via a file descriptor.
> -DS
> topper at virginia.edu wrote:
>> BTW:  I'm using OSS.
>> But my empirical obervations with GAIA were:
>>    smaller rtsetparams() buffer size == lower latency
>> so it's a bit of an important issue if I can only get 1/10 of a 
>> second latency now, where I used to get < 1/100.  It effectively 
>> means I can no longer do many things with any kind of real-time 
>> performance.  I suspect it may be true for other systems too.
>> So how do we make the audio device "more hungry?"  The last set of 
>> API specs from OSS had no notion of "the device being ready."  It was 
>> a push system.  Has there been a change to this?
>> I need to fix this issue somehow.
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