[RTcmix-discuss] two minor ones...

John Gibson johgibso at indiana.edu
Fri Jan 14 10:36:24 EST 2005

On Jan 14, 2005, at 9:41 AM, Brad Garton wrote:

> These aren't earth-shattering:
> 1.  doing a "a make cleanall" generates an error in the new RTcmix/snd
> dir:
> 	making cleanall in snd...
> 	make[1]: *** No rule to make target `cleanall'.  Stop.
> 	make: *** [cleanall] Error 2
> similarly with "make uninstall".  I was thinking of fixing it myself to
> give you guys a break, but I wasn't sure if you wanted the
> "cleanall/uninstall" targets to leave the symlinks intact.

We need to add this...


cleanall: clean

to the bottom of that Makefile.

Not sure how to handle the symlink -- rm on clean or uninstall.


> 2.  When I do a cvs update after checking out the new snd dir, I now 
> get
> errors:
> 	C docs/sample_scores/composite_insts/minc/GRANDELAY.sco
> 	cvs update: move away 
> docs/sample_scores/composite_insts/minc/GRANFLANGE.sco; it is in the 
> way
> for all the files there.  Not a problem, but there is much about cvs 
> that
> I'm really clueless about (like what's the difference between "P" and 
> "M"
> in the output?).

This is due to my dir name changes in there.  The safest thing
is to totally blow away your sample_scores dir, and then refetch
it with "cvs update -d sample_scores" from within the docs dir.

'P' means the file was patched during an update. 'M' means either that
the file was merged successfully during an update, or that your own
copy has the same revision number as the repository copy, but you've
edited it.  Nothing happens to your copy in this second case.  This
is one of the more confusing things about cvs.  Maybe someday will
move over to subversion, which seems better in many ways.


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