[RTcmix-discuss] some table documentation questions

John Gibson johgibso at indiana.edu
Sun Mar 13 19:55:05 EST 2005

Doug wrote:

> I just wanted to add a note that these routines, with the exception of
> copytable(), do *not* make a copy of the input table!  If you were to alter
> the original table after using inverttable(), the inverse table would be
> altered as well.  copytable() is used in places where you want to avoid this
> kind of behavior -- otherwise, if you dont actually change the contents of
> the original table, you can create any number of "variations" on a
> one-megabyte table with NO duplication of its data.

No, this isn't true!  All the functions that transform an existing
table return a brand new one.  (See all the table->copyValues()
statements in the code.)  This seems wasteful, but I think it's
better this way than asking the user to keep track of the distinction
you make.


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