[RTcmix-discuss] two more PField questions

John Gibson johgibso at indiana.edu
Tue Mar 15 19:25:36 EST 2005

I just wrote:

> Brad wrote:
> > 1.  For the makeconvertor() function, the first argument needs to be a 
> > valid pfield handle.  How is this pfield handle created in the scorefile?
> By makeconnection, makerandom or makeLFO.  I'm not sure what happens
> if it's a table, but it *should* function correctly in that case as well.

I just tested this briefly with a table fed into makeconverter, and it
behaves well.  Any PField that correctly subclasses PFieldWrapper
will do the right thing.  (By correctly, I refer to its handling of the
two doubleValue methods.)  This is the genius of Doug's scheme.
All the filters and converters are PFieldWrapper subclasses, as is
the DisplayPField used by makedisplay.


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