[RTcmix-discuss] question about ALSA

Brad Garton brad at music.columbia.edu
Fri May 6 09:13:05 EDT 2005

On May 5, 2005, at 7:14 PM, John Gibson wrote:

> Well, we're using portmidi already, and it has been working fine
> for Linux ALSA as well as OS X.  We *have* to have a cross-platform
> solution.  portmidi also runs on Windoze, which could come in handy
> later.

Mara has a student who has done a "native" port of RTcmix to windows,
non-rt-only, though.  I do plan to build a max/msp 'standalone' that 
will run
RTcmix and can be freely distributable for windows.  It will probably be
an 'ok' interim solution for windows-users who would like to use RTcmix.

> Currently, we cannot trigger notes from MIDI events using script-based
> RTcmix.

This is where max/msp actually does do good things, and a port to PD 
be ideal for open-source/linux.  I've been having loads of fun 
triggering RTcmix
notes from MIDI pitchtrackers, etc.  The big thing missing is an 
elegant way
to stop and deallocate notes with a noteoff event (right now I just 
trigger 'em
and go).


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