[RTcmix-discuss] RTCMIX on the web

John Gibson johgibso at indiana.edu
Sat Jan 21 11:45:36 EST 2006

Hi Ram,

Probably the real barrier to doing what you suggest is that none
of us really has time to do it properly or at all.  It's a volunteer
effort, of course.  I'm not a big fan of wiki's, but perhaps that
would be useful somehow.  If you want to develop a site, I'm sure
Brad would link to it from somewhere on rtcmix.org.

I made a python program that provides one particular type of
abstraction layer that makes it easier to create looping scores.
I still haven't released this code because I wanted to update it
to 4.0, but haven't had the time lately.  Python is a great language
for doing this sort of thing, because its OOP features are easy
to handle.

You refer to pitch notation as one example.  We have several
different types of pitch notation -- octave.pc, linear octaves,
MIDI note numbers -- but nothing for note names ("C#3", etc.).
If you think this would be really useful, I would consider 
adding this as an additional type of notation.  As with linear
octaves and MIDI note numbers, a note name description would have
to be converted into something that instruments understand,
generally either frequency (cps) or octave.pc, depending on
the instrument.

I'm not sure exactly what you're getting at with the Fourier
series point.  We do have a way to create tables for WAVETABLE
using text strings that describe common waveform types, such
as "sine" and "square," with a way to specify the number of 
harmonics.  To make multiple pitches, most people would play
multiple WAVETABLE notes, rather than try to encode the pitches
into the waveform for a single note.


Ramakrishnan Subramanian <ram.subramanian at nyu.edu> wrote:

> Hey everyone, 
> I am graduate student at ITP and have been a member on this list for
> quite a while. I have a deep interest in the work that is done by the
> people on this forum and the discussions that take place here. One of my
> ideas is to be able to provide a proper web interface where there is a
> proper documentation of ideas, discussions, code examples and general
> principles of algorithmic composition. I think providing that tool would
> elevate my understanding of certain concepts to the next level as it
> would do to a lot of others here as well . I would like feedback from
> everyone as to what they would exactly like on the web, and how to go
> about the idea. I think everyone here is open to sharing work and ideas
> with one another i would like to take advantage of that. 
> The other idea is to be able to provide a layer of abstraction on top of
> existing code to make it real easy for tyro composers. I know the
> existing API is brilliant and required a lot of hard work, but if people
> need not be worried about actually providing the coefficients of the
> fourier series to create the wave form and only had to worry about the
> notes and the musical aspect of it, then have to wade through the
> existing detail can be tedious. For instance if i just wanted  to play
> C# major, i only have to worry about the notes after choosing the
> instrument. Correct me if i am wrong on this, but is there any existing
> API that provides this.
> I have been using RTCMix for only about 6 months now, so please do
> forgive my ignorance on certain issues.
> Looking forward to the feedback
> Thanks
> Ram

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